This is the ultimate guide to St Stephen’s Green Park; its history, its sculpture, and its Victorian landscape.

‘The Green’ has been at the centre of Dublin life for hundreds of years. It was occupied by rebels led by Countess Markievicz during the Easter Rising. It was where a young James Joyce met the man who would inspire Ulysses. It was where suffragettes met in 1918 before voting for the very first time in a General Election.

Narrated by Jack Murphy, who first walked through the Fusiliers Arch over seventy years ago, this unmissable audio tour takes you on a journey through the last three centuries of Dublin’s cultural history.

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The tour takes just over an hour, and there are ten stops in all.

The first stop talks about the Fusiliers Arch and the tenth talks about the now-lost statue of Lord Eglinton. In between is a mix of stories which together form a fascinating account of the last few hundred years of Dublin life. Each stop is accompanied by a number of relevant images, some of which are appearing in public for the first time. After the initial download, the tour does not require wifi access to work, and comes bundled with an offline map for easy navigation around the park.

The park is open all year round, so any day is the right day to come and take the tour!

You can also listen to the audioguide from the comfort of your armchair at home, and follow along on Google Streetview.