Aerial View of St. Stephen's Green, showing its landscaped gardens, lakes, foliage, bushes and trees.

A visit for primary level students can be used to support various aspects of the curriculum including:

  • CSPE (appreciating our environment)
  • Art, Craft and Design (investigate by looking; learn about art through sculpture and architecture)
  • History (how people lived; the changes that took place over different periods and how people were affected by those changes; understanding local history and learning about evidence)


A visit to St Stephen’s Green Park can also be used to support aspects of the Leaving Certificate curriculum.

Social and cultural history, and Leaving Certificate Biology (botany) and Geography are particularly relevant.


A Guide to the Monuments of St Stephen’s Green Park.
This trail encourages children to engage with the Green and to discover and learn during their visit.

We provide occasional workshops for children during school holidays and during Heritage Week. Check the website or contact us for further details.
We are also happy to assist students who are carrying out research on local history, horticulture, and architecture.

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